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Why is it so important that we have all your insurance information prior to your appointment at our clinic?

That is how we ensure that you are protected from unexpected medicals bills. When we obtain your insurance information prior to your first appointment, we are looking into two things: First, that we are in network with your insurance plan. This is very important, as your insurance plan will not cover you at the same rate if we are not in network with your plan. We are also looking into the details of your plan (copays, deductibles, etc.) so that we can prepare you for what your financial responsibility will be at your visit. Additionally, it is imperative that you give us the name that appears on your insurance card for your patient profile. Something as simple as using a nickname or a shortened version of your name can lead to claim denials and/or delays in insurance payments.

What does it mean if my insurance policy has a deductible?

When your commercial policy has a deductible, that means that your insurance company is going to put more financial responsibility on you until that deductible is met. That is why we have a financial policy at our clinic requiring a service deposit of $150 if your deductible for the year has not been met. An initial consultation at a specialist’s clinic is approximately $150, which is why that is the service deposit amount. A quick call to the number on the back of your insurance card will put you in touch with a representative from your insurance company who can give you all the details of your policy such as your specialist copay, any unmet deductible amount, as well as whether or not our doctors are in network with your policy.

Author Rachel Rasmussen, Front Office Specialist

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