With summer in full swing, we want to take a moment to talk about how to prevent foot and ankle injuries as you are enjoying your outdoor activities. Children are naturally more resilient and often as adults, we often like to think we can keep up with them! We quickly learn that we are not always as resilient as we age! With this comes injury often times.

Here are some tips to preventing injury:

Step One: Stretching. You want to stretch before any physical activity. This will improve flexibility as well as range of motion. Most Achilles tendon issues happen when stretching doesn’t happen. Never stretch to the point of pain. Listen to your body and don’t push it too far.

Step Two: Ensuring you have the proper shoe wear. Taking time to make sure that you have the correct support for your feet for the terrain. Here at the Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa, we have a patient exclusive shoe list. The shoes on this list have been thoroughly researched and tested by both Drs. Dayton. We take pride in our shoe list and making sure our patients are wearing a great supportive shoe.

Step Three: Fueling your body with the proper nutrients, supplements and hydration. Eating well balanced meals with fruits and vegetables ensures that you’re obtaining the proper nutrients required for optimal health. Taking certain supplements for bone health can help prevent injury by maintaining healthy strong bones. At our clinic we recommend the following supplements for overall bone health; Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and a Multivitamin. Hydration is another key factor in fueling your body. Drinking plenty of water is key to preventing muscle pain. The less water you drink, the more muscle spasms and cramps you can have during an activity. The recommended amount of water is half of your body weight in ounces (Ex: If you weigh 120lbs, you should drink at least 60oz of water daily).

Step Four: If you experience any foot or ankle pain after an activity, get an appointment with a podiatrist. Listen to your body. Often times people put off foot or ankle issues which can lead to a more serious problem in the long run. Take the time to get it looked at; don’t ignore it! At the Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa, we are always accepting new patients. Often times, we are able to get you in the same day or the next day to get you on the road to recovery! 

Cheers to a happy and foot/ankle healthy rest of the summer!

Author Tiffany Rangel, MA, PRT

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