By: Tiffany Rangel 

Do you feel people can hear you coming a mile away with your squeaky P3 orthotics that Dr. Dayton recommended for your foot condition? Do you wish it would just stop? Well, you came to the right place! I had squeaky P3 orthotics for quite some time. I often found myself talking about them because I didn’t want people wondering what that sound was. I have tried many different ideas to try and stop the madness. I found out that each one of these options worked with different brands of shoes. I highly recommend not giving up on the orthotics and trying one of these options to alleviate the nuisance of the squeak.  

  • Lotion: Apply a pea-size amount of lotion to the bottom of the orthotics and around the heel post. Bonus: If you choose a good, scented lotion, your shoes will smell delightful! 
  • Medical Tape: Apply medical paper tape to the entire bottom of the orthotics and around the heel post. Sometimes it can take two applications.  
  • Fabric: Start with an old t-shirt and the insole of your shoe. Trace the insole and cut out the fabric shape. Place the fabric cut out in the bottom of the shoe, place the orthotic on top of the fabric piece, then place the insole on top of the orthotic.  
  • Dryer Sheets: Same concept as the fabric cut out. Take a dryer sheet and place it on the bottom of your shoe, then place the orthotic in the shoe, and place the insole back on top of the orthotic. Tip: Get a good smelling dryer sheet so your shoes can smell good too!  

I hope one of these ideas helps your squeaky orthotics. If you find a new and improved idea that works for you, please share it with us as we are always looking for more ideas to make wearing orthotics more pleasant for our patients! 

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