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Have you noticed a change in the arch of your foot?  Is your foot becoming flat?  Have you noticed your foot starting to point outward?  If so, you may be suffering from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction which can be treated by one of the foot and ankle specialists at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa.

In a prior blog, we discussed the anatomy of the posterior tibial tendon and how it is involved in the condition of posterior tibial tendonitis.  If not seen by a foot and ankle specialist for the treatment of posterior tibial tendonitis, the condition can progress to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.  Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction involves permanent damage to the tendon which renders it ineffective in performing its mechanical role in controlling the foot and ankle.  As this occurs, the foot and ankle begin to undergo positional changes that your foot and ankle specialist will be able to identify on visual exam as well as on x-rays.  Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is progressive, and it is vital that you be seen by a foot doctor as soon as possible so that treatment can be initiated in an attempt to prevent further deformity of the foot and ankle from occurring.

When you are seen by one of the foot and ankle specialists at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, we will perform a comprehensive physical exam and obtain x-rays of the foot and ankle so that we can accurately assess your condition and deformity.  Conservative care focuses on preventing further progression of the deformity in order to maintain function of the foot and ankle.  Depending on the severity of your deformity, your foot and ankle specialist will accomplish this through a prescription custom brace or orthotic.  Should conservative care fail and/or the deformity be too severe, your foot and ankle specialist will recommend surgical correction and will develop the proper surgical plan for your specific deformity.

If you are experiencing symptoms and are suffering from pain on the inside of your ankle and you think you may have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, contact Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa to make an appointment to be evaluated by one of our foot and ankle specialists.

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