Peripheral Neuropathy and Nerve Pain What options are thereBy: Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa

Vitamins and minerals are an important component to a person’s overall health and in many cases can help decrease symptoms from certain disease processes, success as nerve pain. At Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa, we believe in supplying the purest and highest quality supplements to our patients. We partner with EBM Medical to be able to provide these conveniently to you in our office. We selected EBM Medical, a medical grade food company, to partner with because their products are “clean” with no sugar, dyes, lactose, gluten, or fillers. This means that you are getting the purest quality of the vitamins and minerals and your body will absorb them the best, resulting in the greatest benefit to you.  Here is some information specific to EB-N5, a supplement the team of foot and ankle doctors at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa may recommend for you to help decrease pain you are experiencing from foot and ankle neuropathy, or other nerve related pain. This is just one treatment option that may help with your symptoms and your foot and ankle doctor can determine what may be appropriate for you.


  • L-methylfolate Calcium
    • Biologically active form of vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), an important vitamin for support of neurological function
    • Decreases homocysteine levels
      • High levels of homocysteine are linked to vascular disease as well as exaggerated symptoms of neuropathy
    • Methylcobalamin
      • Biologically active form of vitamin B12
      • Decreases homocysteine levels
      • Helps decrease pain by promoting myelination, increasing nerve regeneration and decreasing ectopic nerve firing
    • Pyridoxal 5’-Phosphate
      • Biologically active form of vitamin B6
      • Helps synthesize red blood cells, white blood cells and antibodies among other functions
        • Decreases harmful substances that can damage nerves
      • Decreases homocysteine levels
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid
      • Antioxidant
        • High levels of blood sugars cause oxidated stress which can result in death of the cells of the nerves
        • Antioxidants help to reduce and reverse this oxidative stress and prevent nerve cell death in the process
      • Decreases inflammation
      • Increases blood flow to peripheral nerves
    • Cholecalciferol
      • Biologically active vitamin D3
        • Deficiency is prevalent in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)
        • Low serum vitamin D levels are a predictor of the development of peripheral neuropathy
      • Helps with axon regeneration and myelination (nerve insulation or nerve healing)
      • Increases nerve growth factor synthesis and prevention of neuronal degeneration (breakdown and death)

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