Flat feet is a condition in which the arch of your feet are flattened. There are varying levels of deformity and a variety of symptoms which can be experienced with someone with flat feet. While the condition is not always painful, it can be.

If you have flat feet, a visit to one of the foot and ankle physicians at Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa is a good place to start learning more about your feet and what you can do to prevent complications from flat feet. Your foot doctor will begin with x-rays. Following x-rays, your foot doctor will perform a physical examination of your foot and ankle. Treatment options will then be discussed which may include orthotics, shoe gear modification or a range of conservative and surgical treatment options. Your foot and ankle doctor will work with you to pick the best treatment plan for your foot and ankle. The team of specialists at Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa treat flat feet in all patients, from pediatric patients to elderly.