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After playing catch up from being away for several days, I have finally had a moment to reflect on my last week. I had the privilege and honor of taking part in a very women-centric medical/surgical several days last week/weekend. I was invited to speak at the Podiatry Institute’s 5th Annual “Stepping Forward-Leading the Way: A Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Conference Providing a Platform for the Women of Podiatry” Conference. This was several days of wonderful lectures by some of the leading foot and ankle physicians and surgeons in the country (who just happen to be amazing women😀).

The weekend was capped off with the Inaugural Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction Women in Foot and Ankle Surgery hand’s on cadaveric surgical lab. These 4 days of meetings and lab were filled with excellent discussion, camaraderie, support, and inspiration from and with fellow female surgeons that are leading the way in our profession and driving it forward in a positive and meaningful way.

Thank you for the support and vision of The Podiatry Institute and Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. for supporting the women of this great profession!
~Dr. Mindi Dayton

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