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Dr. Jesseka Kaldenberg-Leppert

In her free time, Dr. Kaldenberg-Leppert enjoys spending time with her dogs. She has a love for bulldogs which lead her to adopting her first rescue dog, BoBo. BoBo, had previously been adopted out multiple times, but brought back to the rescue due to behavior issues until Dr. Kaldenberg-Leppert brought him home. While working with BoBo on his behavioral issues and teaching him how to favorably interact with humans while still enjoying a normal bulldog life full of snoring, napping, tug of war, and, of course, much drooling, she realized what started as an interest, turned into a passion to assist the abundance of bulldogs in need of rescue.

Since rescuing BoBo, she has rescued two more bulldogs, Bodetta and Bert. Bodetta was rescued from a commercial breeder 5 years ago, and had never experienced life outside of a metal crate but quickly adapted to her “queen” status in Dr. Kaldenberg-Leppert’s home and has even learned how to play with toys.

Last summer, BoBo passed away which left not only a major gapping hole in her heart due to his loss, but was what spurred her to take further action to help other bulldogs find their forever homes and be fortunate enough to live the rest of their years in loving homes. It was at this time, she found Lucky Bulldog Rescue and what may have begun as a simple follow on social media, turned into her volunteering and fostering for Lucky Bulldogs Rescue. Her first foster was Bert, a 10-year-old French Bulldog who was rescued from a commercial breeder with many health issues and concerns about his ability to even be adopted out. While she took on this opportunity with Bert as more of a “Fospice”, foster/hospice, it did not take long for her to realize he was going to be a “foster fail” and ended up adopting him. Currently, her house and hands are full, so she is not fostering, but continues to volunteer with Lucky Bulldogs Rescue and is proud to be a part of an organization which works hard to provide education and placement in happy, forever homes to dogs in need.

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