Calluses or “corns” tell your foot and ankle doctor that you have an increased area of friction on your foot. Typically, callouses develop on the soles of feet, specifically about the heel or ball of the foot, however they can occur elsewhere, especially on the toes if they have deformities. Calluses are your body’s response to increased pressure in an area, either from shoes or from a deformity such as a hammertoe or bunion. Calluses can become painful and can cause damage to deeper tissues.

At the appointment, your foot doctor may take x-rays to evaluate for deformities which are contributing to your foot callus. As well, they will perform an exam of your foot. Following that exam, they will provide treatment recommendations. Treatment for calluses can include debridement (where the callus is shaved down), topical treatment, modifications of shoe gear/orthotics and possible surgical intervention to correct the deformity causing the callus.