Ankle sprains occur when your ankle twists or turns into an abnormal position causing the ligaments that hold the ankle bones and leg bones together to be stretched or torn. This will cause pain, swelling and bruising of the foot and ankle. The most common ligament injured with a spray is the outside ankle ligaments.

When you visit your foot and ankle specialist at Foot and Ankle Center of Iowa, x-rays will be obtained to rule out injury to the ankle and foot bones. Following that, your foot and ankle doctor will perform an examination of your foot and ankle. Following the exam, your foot and ankle doctor will discuss varying treatment options with you. Treatment for a sprained ankle depends on the severity of the injury. Although you may just need proper rest and control of swelling to heal, it is important to be looked at by one of our professionals to determine the severity and proper treatment. These may include oral medication, topical medication, activity modification, physical therapy, or a brace.