The podiatric surgeons at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa have been instrumental in changing the way bunions are treated in the United States. Since 2009, Drs. Mindi and Paul Dayton have researched the anatomy and cause of bunions and have developed breakthrough techniques to improve the reliability and quality of bunion surgery. Dr. Paul Dayton is one of the original design surgeons and innovators for Lapiplasty®.

Working with Treace Medical Concepts Inc, a leading medical technology company, and a group of dedicated podiatric and orthopedic design surgeons from across the country, he was instrumental in developing the patented method of Lapiplasty® triplane bunion correction to correct the deformity at the root of the problem. Drs. Mindi and Paul Dayton both regularly lecture and teach hands on surgical training for Lapiplasty® for surgeons across the country. Click on our logo below, to learn more!