Welcome! The providers and staff of Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa are committed to providing you and your family the best foot and ankle healthcare. Drs. Paul and Mindi Dayton have decades of training and experience in both adult and children’s foot and ankle conditions. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and partner with you to solve any foot and ankle condition. We strive to be the CENTER of EXCELLENCE for foot and ankle care in Iowa. Whether your problem is simple or complex our team can help you through the process of healing and recovery.

At Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa we take innovation seriously and as a team we have published over 75 research papers, book chapters, and scholarly articles. We regularly share our research with doctors, nurses and patients throughout the United States.

Proven Record of Results

  • Thousands of successful treatments and procedures that have helped patients with foot and ankle disorders for a combined 40 years of practice
  • Consistent record of patient experience and satisfaction
  • Award winning university faculty

Proven Record as Medical Educators

  • Ground breaking research published on foot and ankle deformity correction
  • Authors of Evidence Based Bunion Surgery Textbook in 2017 (Springer)
  • National and international Lecturers
  • Current and past medical university appointments and residency directorships
  • Multiple research and service awards

Proven Leaders

  • Past Presidents of the Iowa Podiatric Medical Society
  • Service on multiple state and national medical society committees
  • Leadership positions at healthcare institutions
  • Leaders in quality performance and patient experience programs
  • Long term partners with leading technology firms to develop innovative techniques and treatments

The podiatric surgeons at Foot & Ankle Center of Iowa have been instrumental in changing the way bunions are treated in the United States. Since 2009, Drs. Mindi and Paul Dayton have researched the anatomy and cause of bunions and have developed breakthrough techniques to improve the reliability and quality of bunion surgery. Dr. Paul Dayton is one of the original design surgeons and innovators for Lapiplasty®. Working with Treace Medical Concepts Inc, a leading medical technology company, and a group of dedicated podiatric and orthopedic design surgeons from across the country, he was instrumental in developing the patented method of Lapiplasty® triplane bunion correction to correct the deformity at the root of the problem. Drs. Mindi and Paul Dayton both regularly lecture and teach hands on surgical training for Lapiplasty® for surgeons across the country.